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lovely purple lilac blossoms
Divination Tarot

Bears Guarding Caves: A Reading For Now

My disco ball is sparkling and the lilacs are blooming! It’s the moooost sweet-smelling tiiiiime of the yeeear I’ve been walking around my neighborhood sniffing all the lilac bushes I can get close to. It’s a small joy that…


Scorpio Super-Moon Ritual

I’m performing a ritual on the night of Monday, April 26 — the Supermoon in Scorpio. This is a ritual to offer spiritual support for the emergence of springtime revelations. A revelation is the recognition of something which has…

illustration of the moon card featuring a luna moth


Hot baby fish feet! The world is full of magic! We know that invisible and mysterious threads of connection link us to the world and each other, and magic is what happens when we tap into those connections. I…


leaves move with the wind

I am writing this, and it is September. Leaves move with the wind and the light splits apart, reforming again and again in endless waves. I’m on the couch and my feet are hot. A sense of unreality pings…

boston and the sea
Captain's Log

Hear It (Heal It)

Sometimes I wonder if I’m going mad. The world unravels and spins before us, but just beyond reach. There is a shortness of breath. The sky is falling! The maw of the abyss yawns beneath our feet! How can…


The Only Thing

Signs and wonders, water stain writing the wall Daniel’s message, blood of the moon on us all — Sufjan Stevens, “The Only Thing” from Carrie & Lowell The exhilaration of initiation. The stink of failure and frustration. A parking lot…

water signs by beth hoeckel
Living A Magical Life

Hear These Whispers and Take Heart

Snow swirls down on the streets of Brooklyn. I’m tired, honey. I’m tired of falsehoods; I’m tired of pretending everything is fine. Everything is not fine. People are sick and lack access to proper medical and spiritual care. Refugees…

it's all good
Captain's Log

Captain’s Log: A Very New Year

When I dream, I dream in flight the swells and stills of all that’s come and the setting forth our kindred sum a point in a constellation — Ayla Nereo, “Wild Burn” Captain’s Log, stardate January 2017. It is,…

sparkle party
Living A Magical Life

PEACE OUT 2016: A Visual Survey

Today is the day of my first Saturn Return. HOORAY but also ARGH! I woke up this morning with a herbal hangover, a sore neck, and bills to pay. ISN’T GROWING OLDER SUPER I have plenty to say about…