About Paige

Paige Zaferiou (zah-FAIRY-oo) is a sacred artist, spiritual guide, and trained watercolorist living and working in Salem, Massachusetts on land known to the indigenous people as Naumkeag. Paige specializes in helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and passion-led people navigate the path of their soul’s true callings — for the benefit of all.


My journey as a spiritual consultant began at a gas station somewhere in Massachusetts in the 1980s. Through a bizarre set of circumstances involving my father’s friendliness and an Oregon license plate, my otherwise not-particularly-spiritual parents befriended and allowed me to be baptized by a shamanic practitioner of European descent.

That is a fact I did not learn until I was in my late twenties, living in San Francisco, and already inexorably drawn down my own spiritual path. In 2013 I hung up my shingle as a tarot reader and began studying with sacred arts masters Briana Saussy and Theresa Reed. From them I learned many things, including how to pray, how to properly perform visionary work, and how to run a business while living a magical life with courage and joy — whatever we have to weather.

Shaman sickness hit me like a big purple truck of death in 2015, two months before I moved from San Francisco back home to New England. That’s a story for another day — or a book, actually, hit me up if you want to help an author out. Suffice to say, I got a crash course initiation into death and working with the dead. I met fellow spirit-initiated shaman Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism. I learned how to resolve the unhappy dead and guide the living through resolution of present issues, past lives, and ancestral trauma.


After almost ten years as a spiritual consultant, I have developed my own framework for utilizing the sacred arts to help spiritually-minded creatives access, activate, and express their unique gifts. The seven aspects of my framework are:

  1. Face Your Gifts
  2. Shift the Blocks
  3. Conjure Your Container
  4. Plant the Seeds
  5. Clear the Line
  6. Bless and Protect
  7. Stillness and Reflection

With this framework, I can guide you through ancestral trauma, emotional blockages, feeling stuck, troubled dreams, difficulty realizing creative or career goals, repeating patterns you want to change, and the difficulty of change that can be at the root of so much of our pain. I have found a holistic approach to these underlying issues can be wildly effective for improving quality of life, ease through change, emotional well-being, personal success and fulfillment even in the face of grief, loss, divorce, and death.

chilling with grandma dot in a teapot
Burying my Grandma Dot in a teapot

I believe in magic, the fundamental interconnectedness of everything, and the power of love.

And I believe those are all the same thing.

I believe in the power of the sacred and visual arts.

These living practices connect us with our ancient ancestors and help us to be who we are, to do what we came here to do — and to understand what that is and who we are, if we’ve forgotten.

With that in mind I’m here to guide you through weird transitions — and, yeah, sometimes death.

When I say I’m an eclectic sacred artist, I use “eclectic” to mean that I work in a variety of disciplines in both the sacred and visual arts. Some of my disciplines are:

  • tarot
  • astrology
  • shamanic journeying
  • dream interpretation
  • ritual, ceremony, and spell-work
  • watercolor painting
  • pen and ink drawing
  • divination using just about anything including Pokémon cards, because why not

I’ve been blessed to study with some of the finest teachers this side of the astral plane. Among them:

  • Briana Saussy, sacred artist. Since 2013 I’ve taken more of Bri’s classes than I can count on my hands, including Diagnostic Tarot, Spinning Gold, The Miracle Tree Sessions, and Called To The Crossroads.
  • Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady. I was the winner of Theresa’s 2014 Tarot Apprenticeship contest, and studied 1:1 with her for an incredibly enriching year.
  • Alexis Cunningfolk, herbologist. The Lunar Apothecary is a wonderfully rich resource for herbalists and moon-lovers.
  • Richard Yarde, master watercolorist. I was extremely fortunate to study with Richard during his last years. He helped me become the watercolorist I am today.
watercolor by me

Here is a little bit more about me:

  • I love Star Trek and I’m working on a watercolor Star Trek Tarot deck (hit me up if you can help an author/artist out!)
  • ADHD and happy to talk about it!
  • I’m an Aries with Taurus rising and a Gemini Moon.
  • I’m a Fire Rabbit and an INFP.
  • I’m the bright happy fire between the sweet dark earth and the laughing sky.
  • I’m here to make your fucking day.

A magical life is one that practices right relationship with ourselves, our bodies, our communities, our allies, and our land.


Let’s make magic!

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: Or simply say hi.

Keep shining!


And now – 10 strange, delightful, and totally true things about me:

  1. My last name contains all of the vowels – in order!
  2. My ancestral homeland is the Greek island of Lesbos through my grandfather, Socrates.
  3. If I could only have one book to keep me company, it’d be Women Who Run With The Wolves.
  4. My first divination tool was the I Ching.
  5. I used to work in the tea industry and prefer Chinese red, aka black tea, especially from Yunnan.
  6. I was born during an April Fool’s snowstorm!
  7. I have a Japanese Pokémon card collection.
  8. Once in college I skipped classes for a week so I could go on tour with my favorite band.
  9. While studying abroad at Oxford University, I busked for beer money as one-half of a ukulele/penny whistle duet called Pennylele.
  10. This message will self-destruct.