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Here’s what my love bugs have to say:

alex franzen“If you define “magic” as “a feeling of giddy, sexy, goofy, happy, joyful creativity, like ANYTHING is possible”

…then Paige is pure magic. Grade-A. 100%.

Spend 5 minutes with Paige, and I DARE you not to start giggling at the sheer awesomeness of (your) life. She’s relentlessly positive, adorkably delicious, and seriously skilled when it comes to brewing up magical potions, spells, charms + Tarot-inspired revelations.

I wish I could distill her into glittery powder + shake her all over my body.

That sounded insanely creepy. But soon … you’ll understand.”

—Alexandra Franzen,

gala darling“Paige Zaferiou is the most witchy magical awesome babe!

If you want to go more in-depth and benefit from the objectivity of a pro, get a reading from someone who really knows their shizz. Paige — who I have met on multiple occasions, and adore — read for me this week and blew my socks off! She is amazing!

I recommend her to the ends of the Earth and back.”

— Gala Darling,

jackie tierney“Paige Zaferiou’s energy is like a gust of wind you didn’t know you needed in your life.

She comes in fast and strong and leaves you with an electrical charge of YES! LOVE! LET’S ROCK THIS!

But she’s also got soul, deep soul, with heightened psychic senses. A tarot reading with her is like stepping into the most colorful storybook of your life. Be prepared to honor your shit as it is and as it wildly can be – with loads of the most glittery glitter on top.

Paige Z. will inspire you to go big and trust in the powerful being that is your self.”

–Jacquelyn Tierney,

women, unite!

Paige Z is fabulously in tune with our world, from the stars to squirrels.

She reads her cards like they’re old friends stopping by to give you a little clarity or heads up on your journey. She will hold your hand through any queries for the universe, unfurl the secrets of your birth chart and call you a sweet chickadee or make you belly laugh until you are full of light and love.

I have been lucky enough to witness Paige at all kinds of events (eccentric octogenarians’ backyard parties, pop-up gatherings, and, most intimately, our bedrooms) spinning her magic, blowing the minds of the most muggle-oriented.

PZ is also quite the prescribing Witch M.D., emphasizing action through ritual and mindfulness with a knack for some serious herb knowledge.

Full disclosure, I consider Paige to be in my closest of heart-covens, but frankly that just means you should take my word for it. What are you waiting for? Book a reading, an email birth chart review or any of her ritual offerings!

— Saffron Vivas, reproductive health care warrior

oh, scorpio!I just had THE BEST reading done with the beautiful and wonderful Paige of @tarotandtea.

Guys, this lady knows her stuff.

She’s funny and kooky and so amazingly good at reaching deep into her cards to give you the most insightful advice.

Go check her out and say hello. She’s officially my new guru fo’ sho’. ❤️ you Paige!

— Jennifer Audrey,

samantha sings“I have had the great fortune to consult with Paige several times.

Skillfully employing a variety of mediums (such as tarot, herbs, and pendulum), she provides a versatile service as a magical adviser.

She is a truly lovely, empathic, down-to-earth person, and any engagement with her is bound to be both insightful and fun!

No one can ever tell you what to do with your life, but Paige helps you to get in touch with your true inner self and illuminate the path. I feel so blessed to have such a talented person to turn to for all my magical needs!”

— Samantha Amerault, rock singer

kiyomi sparkles“I had the most wonderful Tarot reading with Paige.

First, she has such a colorful, warm, and easy personality that makes you feel safe to be around.

Second, her readings are so insightful, the interpretations of the cards so creative and outside the box.  Not something one can do themselves by trying to look up the meanings in a tarot book.

Third, she is very encouraging (even about the things that you need to work on!) and positive and uses the Tarot expertly to make you feel ready to go out there and do what you are meant to do in the world, and be your best self.

Highly recommended!”


jamie smolders“I was sent to Paige by a whiff of intuition.

I sought guidance on a very emotionally complex issue in my life to which she immediately stepped in, carefully unwrapping its layers to not only help me correct it, but to understand why it happened in the first place so I could grow, learn, and benefit.

I resonated with her spirit and positive heart so much that I jumped at the chance to do a monthly Spiritual contract under her care.

I am not exaggerating when I say my life has been nothing short of transformed.

Her gentle magic, matched with her friendship and sweet disposition, allowed me to strip away the yuck I’ve been hanging onto for years, either by my own doing or others, and step into the woman I was supposed to be, the woman I have been waiting to be all along.

I have never been this confident, this happy, and so in line with my own spirit and purpose.

Paige didn’t just open closed doors, she helped me uncover ones I had never even dreamed of being available to me.”

— Jamie Homeister,

carpe the hell out of your diem“Paige blew me away with her tarot reading.

Not only was the reading spot on, in which it uncovered a deep truth I hadn’t fully realized until we talked, but being in her presence is MAGIC. Not only does she use phrases like “sweet baby kittens!” in her readings, but she is so expressive that I found myself giggling with delight the entire reading.

I’d recommend Paige to anyone who is looking to find truth in their lives and have one hell of a time while doing it.”

— Sally Hope,

nicole smiles“Paige is such a warm and caring person — if you are uncertain or nervous about getting your cards read, then she is the perfect person to do it.

I truly felt that she was just as invested in the results of my reading as I was and she made sure that I understood how I could use the results of the reading to benefit me the most.

She was so fun to talk to and her excitement over the cards totally motivated me to get out there and work on building my business immediately.

I adore her and I will definitely come back to her for guidance whenever I have some tough decisions to make!   Thank you Paige!!”

— Nicole Liloia,

shelby shinesGlittery and gutsy Paige is absolutely the Elementary school best friend who is your fellow princess under the pine trees and helps you battle your way across the river and then will take time out of recess to care for the fragile lavender plant in the school garden.

Paige reminds me to live my life the way that my ten-years-ago self would have wanted to.”

— Shelby Converse,


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