Scorpio Super-Moon Ritual

I’m performing a ritual on the night of Monday, April 26 — the Supermoon in Scorpio.

This is a ritual to offer spiritual support for the emergence of springtime revelations.

A revelation is the recognition of something which has been present but hidden or unacknowledged.

The season is shifting and things are coming up for each of us right now. There is a call to action, a message, being disclosed by your soul.


With this ritual we aim to cleanse ourselves of anything in the way of receiving that message loud and clear. We aim to ground ourselves and receive the revelations available to us now. We aim to move forward guided by the wisdom of our higher selves.


what to expect

There are two options for participating in this Supermoon Ritual: one includes a personalized written report and one does not.

Personalized written reports will contain an approximately 3-card Tarot reading on your specific situation and detailed descriptions of any signs and omens observed on your behalf during the ritual.

If you choose to participate in the ritual without the personalized report, you’ll still receive a general report for the group as a whole; it just won’t be personalized to you specifically.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the ritual:

  • I’ll send out an email with instructions for you + questions you can sit with during the night of the Supermoon
  • You’ll send me your personal info: name, petition (you’ll receive instructions on how to prepare this), and birth time/date/place info (optional)
  • I’ll dedicate a candle to you, cleanse the candle, dress it with an oil and herbs mix I’ll create just for this ritual, and set it on an altar I’ll be creating for this work
  • As the candles burn I’ll sit with the altar, listen and pray for guidance, and perform divination on our behalf
  • Everyone will get a general report afterwards with advice for moving forward
  • If you selected the Ritual + Report option, you’ll also get a personalized report of your candle’s burn plus a customized Tarot reading just for you

This is a solitary ritual, meaning there’s no group call involved — all communication will be via email. There are 10 spots available.

how to book:

what you can do at home

  • cleanse yourself with a pour-over bath or hand wash of salt water: sea or kosher salt, preferably
  • add Epsom salt to your favorite soaking bath
  • sit with, meditate, or journal on the questions provided
  • pull some cards and journal on what comes up
  • keep notes on signs and omens you notice on Sunday the 25th, Monday the 26th, and Tuesday the 27th of April
  • pay attention to your dreams on those days

This Supermoon is going to be a doozy. Wherever you are, whatever’s coming up for you right now, I’m sending you love.

xo Paige


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