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Thank You For Sharing Your Beautiful Dreams For 2016! Our Lucky DIVINA Giveaway Winners Are…

Last week,

we celebrated the release of my babe Darla’s TOTALLY RAD journal, DIVINA, and you all each shared a dream (or two) that you have for 2016.

Each dream became an entry in a giveaway for a signed copy of DIVINA, and the two lucky winners of that giveaway are:

Katie Jean Bently


Keva Bartnick

hooray! Katie and Keva, you are the DIVINA giveaway winners!

Please check your e-mail for instructions on how to claim your prize.

I loved reading all of your dreams!


It made my heart lift so high, hearing about the ways in which you’re pushing yourself, nourishing yourself, committing to change and growth, and

We asked you to share one dream you have for 2016, and your answers were like a field of delicious gumdrops.


Here are some of my favorite comments.


a hand touching a full cup of black tea with the three of wands and the mother of pentacles reversed laid out before the cup

Keva says,

In 2016 my new cycle for year 1 starts back up! Year 9, 2015, my job was eliminated, I had to realize I was not built for a normal 9-5 job, and my husband lovingly agreed that being a stay at home mom to our 3 girls was the best course of action. So 2016, after 10 months of learning my new role as a SaHM I am ready, with a lot of help from the universe, to grow my new business at Acorn Grove into something quite magical, and grow into the person I was meant to become in 2016. So here goes nothing! For 2016 I’d wish for the spirit of the fool, to jump into my 1st year of my 9 year cycle with a lot of hope for growth, a lot of heart to help others while on my journey, and a lot of goodness going out to everyone I meet.

Katie says,

If 2015 was the year of shedding, releasing, forgiving, grieving, letting go, and losing weight; then my dream for 2016 is a year of building. Building my business, strengthening my marriage and my bonds to my sister-coven and family, filling my life back up with joy and magic, and making a safe space in my body, heart, and home for the bambino I hope will join me in 2017. Thank you, Darla! And, thank you, Paige!

Dyana Valentine says,

ohhhhh, yessss, pleaaaase, oracular instruments a gogo! a dream I hold for myself is to be Oracle In Residence in three different countries this year. I feel the sand whipping around my feet in one, the above-the-clouds mountain air in another and the keep of a forest for the third. And so it is. Thank you, Paige, you wizard of all that is good.

(HEYYY PRIESTESS! A thousand times yes!!)

Bonnie Fernandes says,

My dream is to find a way to structure my business in the form of a circular back and forth dialogue with my clients, to be of ongoing support to people who are struggling with anxiety and depression.

Kat says…

Go home. Find home. Make home. My intuition is pushing me and I’m having trouble figuring it out, but I’ll get there. Reach for the moon. Land among the stars. :)

Talia says,

My dream for 2016 is to find a space to home the fledgling Fiber Arts Boston Resource and Innovation Center, and to make room for artistic growth in myself and to facilitate others on their art journeys!

(FABRIC!!! The coolest! You go, Talia!!)

Mishele says,

For me 2015 has been about paying my dues and trying to understand the role of death/loss in our lives. Over the last few months I’ve been reconnecting with my witchy roots after a long hiatus. I want 2016 to be about honing in on my practice and finding peace in life’s many cycles. I’m also starting a new career so I’m looking forward to seeing how this new path will riff off my daily practice.

McKenzie says,

My 2016 dream is to achieve the 10 of Coins that keeps popping up in my readings– to keep pushing through the hard work to be ultimately rewarded and fulfilled in my work as a creative person. That means launching a new site, working to sell more art, and completing a big project I’ve been working on since May.

Jen says,

One dream I have for 2016 is to heal and to feel. To keep frolicking through parts of my shadow, figuring out how we got that thorn in those murky depths, and then releasing it – with a giant hug, and hot chocolate, complete with marshmallow blessing of realising that hey, it’s OK to feel things. In so doing so, I hope I gain the wisdom to show others how to do the same. With a big heaping of fun and dorkiness, of course!

A BIG, pre-emotive Happy New Year, y’all! ✨

Corri says,

In my early twenties, I experienced several magical phenomenons. As I’ve become a seasoned adult, those experiences linger in my mind still as distant and deeply satisfying. The other day a new client came in for a massage and reminded me of an elf in Elrond’s kingdom; willowy, effervescent, and full of graceful energy. All of those magical times came back to me and made me realize that magic is WITHIN me, not just something I witness every blue moon. I’d love this journal to embolden me to discover magic in my thirties. Thank you for listening, and the opportunity. I admire all the witches out there who are loud and proud!✊✊✊✊


Salute to all the witches out there who are loud and proud — and salute to the shy and quiet ones, too. You’re welcome, you’re beautiful, and I’m so glad that you’re here. Keep dreaming, chickadees!



Paige Zaferiou



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    December 15, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Hell YES! What lovely souls. And congratulations to Katie and Keva! I will be mailing your journals to you soon.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Paige! Damn, I might just link to your giveaway post for my sales copy ;)

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