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Let The Land Tell It True

It came to me unbidden on one of my sacred morning walks.

I was crossing the street and squinting into the sun, my body at ease under the open sky and its comfortingly fluffy clouds. Thoughts wafted up in my mind. The ill ones floated into the sky and the good ones hovered around my ears like fat, friendly bees.

This much I know: to be a fully functional person, a connection with Nature and some healthy structures are required.

My dreamy artist’s mind is prone to rambling and daydreaming and floating through fantasy, so lately I’ve been re-cultivating daily routine and habit. These structures are essential to my spiritual, emotional, and creative wellbeing.

Ritual is the structure on which I hang my sacred mornings. And of highest importance — alongside reading, breaking my fast, and chores — is the divination walk.

Divination walks combine trance, energy healing, and mediumship with the land.

Sacred walks have been part of my life since I can remember. I am especially fond of them, since my childhood “church” was local conservation land that my non-religious family hiked every Sunday. Each week we embarked on sacred walks of communion in which I sang to stone, tree, lichen, and lake. These practices deeply nourished my young soul and placed me firmly on the path to the sacred work I now do for others; a path of my soul’s true purpose, which I walk with the guidance I receive from the land, my guides, and my intuition.

Opening to dialogue with the land is one of the most fruitful things I’ve ever done.

It’s guided me on my journey through life, work, and love. It’s helped me figure out where I need to be, what I need to be doing, and how I need to be doing it.

The city we now call Salem, which occupies stolen Naumkeag land in the state that bears the name of their Massachusetts neighbors, called me one summer when I was homeless and wandering in a shamanic haze. I danced barefoot on its Common at midnight and buried coins in a graveyard old as the colonists, and then I wandered some more and let the land bear fruit. Bear fruit it did, in the shape of work, friendship, shelter, and love.

When I was called here I felt uncertain of what exactly was going to happen, but absolutely certain that I was doing the right thing for the right reasons. I trusted the feel and call of the land beneath the heaving brick sidewalks and relentless sea. My faith in the guidance was cemented by the love I bear for the land and the powerful joy I feel when I open to it as a complex, living being to which we are all fundamentally connected.

Image by Queer Cosmos + ACIM

Big props to my guy Colin of Queer Cosmos, who made the above image and edited text from A Course In Miracles to be all about LOVE which is WHAT’S UP!

It is truly miraculous what insights come when one opens to the Love within oneself and everything else. Love is is IT, people. Love is the answer; love is the connection; love is the fabric which holds us all together. Love is my Big Why.

So out of love for myself and the world in whose best interest I serve, I’ve diligently worked to instill better morning routines. During my divination walks I’ve practiced opening to the Land and whatever guidance it has for me at the moment. It was on such a walk that I felt the cloak of understanding laid over me as if by giant invisible hands:

It is time for me to offer divination walks to you.

And so! for the past month I’ve been writing, editing, performing walks for others, asking for feedback, editing some more, and honing this craft to its proper expression.

You can read all about the process — and book a Land Talk Divination Walk on a sliding scale of $85/$45 — here.

Want to see an example? Check out this divination walk I performed for myself on the question of how to offer divination walks to others.

Love is the why. Love is the imperative. We need the land and the guidance of Love — and the land needs us, too.

Intentionally dialoguing with the land is essential right now – RIGHT NOW, not only because we need guidance on our paths in this life, but because the land needs us right now, too. The Earth’s climate is changing because of humans and the interference of that which goes against love. We need to dream a better dream. We need to be talking with the land, practicing listening to it, not only for our own personal guidance and gain but so that when the land talks back, we can hear it. When the land warns us, we can heed those warnings. When the land asks for help, we can heed the call.

Every divination walk I perform strengthens the muscles of land-listening. Each walk I do involves energy healing on the land itself, in addition to energy healing for you the seeker.

Even if you are not feeling called to book a divination walk for yourself, consider sharing this post with others. The more attention given to the idea of talking with the land, healing the land, and healing our relationship with it, the greater the efficacy of the healing and divination work being done with the land – not just by me, but by everyone engaged in this work.

Because everything is connected.

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