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It’s Time To Do Something

Sandra Bland smiling at the camera

Sandy speaks.

Today is February 7, 2016.

It would have been, should have been, Sandra Bland’s 29th birthday.

Sandy was less than two months older than me. We were in utero at the same time: simultaneously growing, becoming, getting ready to get born.

We never met in life, yet I feel a strong connection with this woman who was so tired of “turning on the news and seeing another story about foolishness.”

Sandy recorded this message on her birthday exactly one year ago:

Sandy says,

We can be the fix-it.

All it takes is YOU deciding to do something different.

Whatever you have your mind set on, you can do it.

Go out and do what God has set in your heart. He’s been speaking to you about something…

Invest in you to ultimately invest in our future.

This is not a call to arms.

This is not a call for donations.

This is a call that every single one of you has the power to answer:

The call to follow the wisdom in your heart.
The call to invest in yourself, and thus your legacy, and thus our legacy.

That’s how change begins — at your house, with you.

What is it that your heart cries out for?

Artistic expression? A successful business? Children? Somewhere to share your voice?

Find it. Do it. Take that next step.

Because Sandy still speaks…and she says it’s time, y’all. It’s time.

And as she mentions in the video above, one birthday gift she wants from you is to “share these little positive thoughts.”

Share this blog. Share the Sandy Speaks vlogs.

#SayHerName — because #SandyStillSpeaks

As Sandy would say, I love you, my kings and queens.

Go out there and do something to establish your kingdoms and queendoms today.

We have so much work to do.

So start with you.


 Paige Zaferiou

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