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Practical Magic

Devoted to Sovereignty: Introducing Moon Lights

–♥– Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight… The fattening face of the Moon rises later each day. The February Full Moon in Virgo will soon be upon us. GOOD OLE VIRGO Once again, we’re given the opportunity to…

a windowsill altar with makeshift gravy boat teapot, food and drink offerings, and magical curios
Living A Magical Life

Who Are You, Really?

–♥– It’s snowing outside and I’m thinking of sovereignty. Next to the bar we hit the samovar She almost slipped right through my fingers It was snowing outside and in her soul Well, maybe you’re a dancer, and maybe…

Social Justice

It’s Time To Do Something

Sandy speaks. Today is February 7, 2016. It would have been, should have been, Sandra Bland’s 29th birthday. Sandy was less than two months older than me. We were in utero at the same time: simultaneously growing, becoming, getting…


Welcome to Paige Z’s Tarot and Tea 2.0!

HI there my sweet chicken! I’m Paige! If you’re here and wondering what in the name of Hill Valley is going on, here’s the scoop: I recently packed up the wizard trunks and relocated my witchy business from paigezee.com…