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in the Green-wood Cemetery, a stone mausoleum with a peaked roof stands before a wall of green trees and overgrowth. its door, beneath a carved arch, is bricked over like some creepy Beetlejuice business

I Moved (to Brooklyn! holy belt buckle, Batman!)

Surprise! I moved to Brooklyn! SWEET SPAGHETTI SQUASH, little kitty cats! I’ve been keeping it sort of secret, the way you hold your breath on a wish for fear of bursting the magical bubble and having it all come…


Hey NYC! Let’s Sling Cards Under The Scorpio Moon

  Witches and wizards of NYC! Tomorrow night – SCORPIO MOON MUFUCKAS – I’ll be slinging cards at Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers in Williamsburg. It’s the stateside launch of Sabat Magazine, a witchy, feminist, London-based publication in whose Maiden…

Paige looks at you; bare trees behind steady gaze behind rabbit mug of tea
Divination Living A Magical Life

Surrender, My Spicy Shrimps

Sometimes, you just don’t know. Sometimes, half the battle is admitting it. I’ve been feeling this way lately. Like I’m waiting for something, some wave that’s been gathering itself far out to sea. It looms in my consciousness. It’s hard,…

collage of a woman standing with hands folded behind her back, her head turned away and silhouetted against a bright yellow moon in a dark purple sky
Astrology Practical Magic

Honoring Your Moon Sign

I’m in love with the moon. Driving when the moon is out is dangerous for me, because I can’t help but crane my neck around to get a glimpse of her. Walking when the moon is out is also…

Practical Magic

Devoted to Sovereignty: Introducing Moon Lights

–♥– Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight… The fattening face of the Moon rises later each day. The February Full Moon in Virgo will soon be upon us. GOOD OLE VIRGO Once again, we’re given the opportunity to…

a windowsill altar with makeshift gravy boat teapot, food and drink offerings, and magical curios
Living A Magical Life

Who Are You, Really?

–♥– It’s snowing outside and I’m thinking of sovereignty. Next to the bar we hit the samovar She almost slipped right through my fingers It was snowing outside and in her soul Well, maybe you’re a dancer, and maybe…