Land Talk Divination Walk Example: On The Walk Itself

Dear Me who is Myself: What’s on your mind right now? What are you anxious about? What are you wishing for? Where do you need clarity? You can share as much or as little of your current situation as you like.

Today I have on my mind the nature and importance of these Land Talk Divination Walks. I am anxious to put this offering out into the world, and equally anxious to get my rent and bills paid. I’m also concerned about the state of the Earth and the critical climate crisis we find ourselves in. I wish to incorporate healing into this offering, and try the energy healing practice of kahi as I read about in Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

Before the walk I pulled the Three of Stones (Creativity) and the Seven of Stones (Healing). On my walk I saw the number 37 as conformation that these numbers are very important. Their message: in order to bring this divination walk project to fruition, I must look for answers within myself and apply that wisdom to the creative process. Also, since the figures in both cards are holding the same pose of arms held out and to the sides with palms down, I am determined to use this pose while practicing kahi during the walk.

And so I practiced kahi energy healing as I walked, and could feel the tingling warmth in my hands as I focused on both palms simultaneously and held the intention to ease the tension in that which is between them: the earth, and myself.

On the divination walk I ask the question: What 3 points of guidance do Love and Land have for me and my journey now?

Point 1: Share The Journey

The message: Tell your people about what it took to get you here and what the creation of this offering was like. Include in your offering the story of how this all came to be, why you’re doing this, what it took to get you here, how the offering developed. Be transparent; tell a story. Remember all that you know about storytelling.

Questions to consider: What is the narrative of the journey’s story? The beginning, middle, end? How long, how detailed does it need to be? What are the important bits to include? Where is the best place to tell this story? What is the best medium with which to tell the story?

Actions: Write up an account of this Land Talk Walk and share it with your people. Review the web copy with an eye to the story of this journey. Contemplate how to share the continuing journey of this project as it unfolds over the summer.

Point 2: The Color Blue

The message: Emotions are running high and deep. Patience is required. Pay attention to your emotions; calm the anxiety and fear. Emotion is key to this process; do not repress it. Listen to it. Go towards it. It is everywhere; it is echoed in your experience of outer reality. Remember: your emotional patterns contribute to the creation of the reality you experience. Change your emotional patterns, change the reality.

Questions to consider: What do my emotions have to tell me right now? Is my psychic protection sufficient? Are my boundaries correct? Where else is the color blue showing up in my life right now?

Actions: Meditate and cultivate calmness. Call on Blue Heron for assistance with patience + awareness while meditating and cultivating calmness. Meditate on the color blue for further guidance if needed.

Point 3: Rabbit, Frog, Duck

The message: Here are three allies to consider. Rabbit brings the medicine of fear and creativity; Frog brings the medicine of transformation and adaptability; Duck brings the medicine of devotion, wisdom and creative fodder drawn up from emotion, and the union of water, earth, and sky. You must be able to navigate the realms of earth, water, and sky. Consider the people who need this offering now. Hold them paramount in your heart, mind, and spirit.

Questions to consider: What is my relationship to each of these animals? How do I feel about them? What do I know about them? Have I encountered them and/or their images lately?

Actions: Call on your creativity. Contemplate in stillness, then move quickly without hesitation. Shed that which is no longer needed; be not afraid to let it go, even though it was once essential. Ruthlessly edit what has already been drafted. Be sure to nourish yourself along the way! Call out to the people who need this offering now.

Additional notes: During my evening walk, I spotted two actual living Rabbits. One of them hopped out of the bushes only a few feet from me and we startled each other; we stood and stared into each others eyes for a very long minute. The Rabbit sat back on its haunches as it regarded me. I reached out with my spiritual body to meld with the Rabbit and try on its perspective; at the moment my spiritual body entered the Rabbit, it bounded away across the long grass of the yard. The insights I gained from this: the Rabbit’s eyes have a very wide range of vision, all the better to see danger (It is good to ask yourself: is there danger around me? Am I under psychic attack from any direction?). Also, it is good to pause and consider a new, unexpected situation – and to move forward once the danger threat has been assessed.