Journal Dragon

Journal Dragon: 13 weeks of journaling with your holy helper spirits, from Paige Zaferiou, Tarot and Tea

Have you ever felt a special connection with a fictional character? Or admired someone who lived before you were born?

What about your ancestors — are you called to have a relationship with them, but feel unsure what that would look like? Have you ever heard your grandmother ask Saint Anthony to come ’round because something is lost and it must be found?

Are there other saints, deities, spirits, or mythological figures that just seem to speak to you? That you feel drawn to for some reason you may or may not be able to explain?

Do you feel a strong connection to a certain place? It could be a big place like a region or city, or a small one like that grove of trees in your neighborhood park or a local mountain or beach. Or perhaps a planet? maybe the Moon?

Do you have an affinity with a certain species of plant or animal? Maybe a plant you regularly ingest, like coffee? Perhaps you’ve loved giraffes or dinosaurs since you were a kid? Do you really like dragons?

Then you are ready to deepen a relationship with a holy helper spirit!

You might call them guides, or helping spirits, or holy helpers as I learned from my longtime teacher Briana Saussy to call them. They encompass an enormously wide circle of entities you can turn to for support, guidance, and encouragement in any aspect of your life — from health to work to some vague feeling of dissatisfaction.

Every human person has holy helper spirits — including you, whether or not you’re aware of them.

YEAH! Your own personal support team of well-wishers, miracle-workers, and wisdom-keepers!

Journal Dragon is an email course in which you will spend 13 weeks getting to know one of your holy helper spirits using the power of JOURNALING!


The journal is your anchor, your canoe, your life preserver, and your paddle on this curiosity voyage. With it, we will document the development of consistent, healthy relationships with our holy helper spirits — and the wonder that will ensue.

Without that container, we’re floundering in the river: unsupported and focused on keeping our heads above water. Telling ourselves, “I can do it all by myself if I just work harder! If I just keep doggy paddling maybe I’ll bump into a log!” Thinking we can do it all by ourselves is a limiting belief — it limits us from experiencing the blessing that is the true interconnectedness of being, which is how doors open and miracles happen. Like a magical river mermaid appearing to buoy and guide you to shore.

On this curiosity voyage, expect to slip behind the curtain of ordinary reality and encounter figures both strange and familiar.

A small painted wooden tiger and a stone candle holder shaped like a dragon's head and holding a lit tealight. Behind the figurines are three cups filled with paintbrushes, pens, and pencils. The left cup is shaped like an orange cat, the middle cup has a Lisa Frank rainbow leopard on it, and the third cup says PAIGE in multicolored letters.


  • Meet the one holy helper you’ll be getting to know during our 13-week journey.
  • Learn their name, their ways, their medicine, and their character.
  • Discover the ways they can help you and how they need to be cared for in return.
  • Learn techniques for clearing the blocks that get in your way
  • Conjure the container of your relationship by building an altar or shrine and/or consecrating a talisman.
  • Feed your holy helper by making them an offering.
  • Plant the seeds for your goals and intentions using ritual magic.
  • Explore the lineage of your holy helper, their connection to the land, and how that impacts your own healing journey.
  • Bless and protect yourself, your holy helper, and the path you travel together.
  • Find the way to cultivate calmness that works best for you.
  • Receive opportunities for stillness and reflection throughout the process. These pauses also give you chances to catch up if you should happen to fall behind.

Each week, I will provide a tidy little bundle of prompts, practices, and case studies for you to explore. These journal prompts spring from my own 7-part framework for sacred arts work, which I use to guide spiritually-inclined creatives through weird transitions both magical and mundane. Healthy, happy, mutually beneficial relationships with your personal team of holy helper spirit guides is essential to the first part of that framework: knowing your gifts.

Cultivating real relationships with your holy helpers sets you up for a way higher chance of success at the rest of the work, like clearing the obstacles that block you from pursuing of goals that support your life and purpose: whether that’s to run a business, find a better job, practice effective magic, or see pleasure and passion flourish in your life. That’s the jam we’re jamming about here!

Ultimately, Journal Dragon is about feeling less alone — and making connections that strengthen our chances for success and fulfillment along the paths we travel, wherever they may lead.

I first created this program because I noticed myself craving community — and the personal accountability that comes with being in a container of learning — around the practice of caring for my relationships with holy helpers. I would like to create that kind of container within this class — with you! I wanna build that community with you!

So each month, we’ll meet on Zoom and you can ask questions, we can discuss our holy helper experiences, and I can help you with any sticky wickets along the way.

May we all feel a little less lost.


When: Mondays from April 11 – July 11, 2022

Where: Your inbox with writing prompts, practices, and case studies

With: Your journal, notebook, sketchbook, or video diary

How much: An honor system sliding scale of $45-$145 per month for 3 months

Email Office Hours: Mondays from 10-12am ET. You are encouraged to send me an email at any time with your questions and any experiences you wish to share, and I will respond during office hours.

Group calls: 11am-12pm ET on Mondays May 9, June 13, and July 11. Calls will be recorded, but you are strongly encouraged to attend live as you will have the opportunity to receive 1:1 feedback and assistance connecting with your holy helpers.


For this 13-week class, you’ll need four things:

  • A blank journal, sketchbook, notebook, or three-ring binder**
  • A half-hour each week
  • An internet connection to receive email prompts and attend Zoom calls
  • A heart that’s open to seeking spirit

**NOTE: if you are the type who has an easier time processing out loud, you may choose to keep a video or audio record instead of a written journal. If that’s the case, I suggest creating a folder or special notation on your phone and/or computer where you can keep track of those records. The container of the journal is important: it keeps us from losing track of our holy helpers and their guidance, a.k.a. floundering in the river.


I’m offering this class on a sliding scale. This is the honor system: I trust you to self-select the appropriate tier for yourself. If you aren’t sure, please consult this visual of the Three Bottles model that herbologist Alexis Cunningfolk created. You can read about Alexis’s thoughts on the sliding scale here (this post is where I got the Three Bottles model) and here. I completely agree with them. Here is Alexis’s breakdown of the sliding scale:

A Quick Guide to the Sliding Scale

While I encourage you to read my full thoughts on the sliding scale, here is a very brief rundown:

The top price class ticket is the actual cost of the class. If you choose a ticket price below the top tier you are receiving a discount.

The middle price is for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income. Paying for this class may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create hardship.

The bottom price is for those who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for this class would still be a significant hardship.

The Pay-It-Forward price is a few bucks above the actual cost of the class and that extra money goes towards supporting scholarships as well as future free and low-cost classes. Essentially it’s an opportunity to not only take your class but also support your fellow community members while you’re at it. Sweet!

Select the appropriate tier below to check out via PayPal. You will automagically be charged once a month for three months.

If you prefer to pay in full, you may do so at the bottom of this page.

TOP TIER$125 per month
MIDDLE TIER$75 per month
BOTTOM TIER$45 per month
PAY-IT-FORWARD$145 per month


Question about Journal Dragon that isn’t answered here? Email me at!

Why do I need a journal? Can’t I develop these relationships by myself?

Holy helper spirits are liminal, meaning they straddle our world and the Otherworld. They exist in-between and more often than not are unseen, so it can be astonishingly easy to allow their guidance, and even entire relationships, to fall by the wayside. Relationships with living human allies usually aren’t as difficult to keep track of. It’s a lot easier to reread texts or pick up the phone and ask someone, “Hey, what was that super insightful thing you said to me last week?” and then they can use their physical human body to communicate with you about it. The journal is something physical we can use to connect with our holy helpers and record the wisdom and guidance they share with us.

How do I choose a holy helper spirit?

We will begin the program by identifying the holy helper spirit you’ll be working with for our three months together. If you have trouble identifying which holy helper is ready to work with you right now, you will have the option to add on a 1:1 session with me and we’ll retrieve them together.

How do office hours work?

You are encouraged to send me an email at any time, day or night, with your questions, observations, and any experiences or journal entries you wish to share. Each Monday from 10am-12 ET, I will respond to messages.

Is this class for me if I’ve never worked with holy helper spirits before?

Yes, this class is designed for all levels of experience but ESPECIALLY beginners, newcomers, and wonderers. You do not have to already have established relationships with certain holy helpers. But if you do, this program will help you practice healthy connection and deepen those relationships.

This program is for you if:

  • You love journaling!
  • You’re a creative person who wants to connect with your gifts.
  • You are curious what people mean when they talk about their guides, and you wish to experience the power of your own personal guiding spirits.
  • You are unsure of where or how to start.
  • You’re afraid you aren’t “doing it right” when it comes to identifying and cultivating good relationships with holy helpers.
  • You feel stuck, frustrated, or lost in any area of your life: health, creativity, work, purpose, living situation, relationships, routine…
  • You sometimes catch yourself thinking “I can do it all by myself!” but you know deep down that you don’t want to have to do it all by yourself, and you shouldn’t have to.
  • You feel lonely on your journey through this life and like there is a weight or drag on you, having to carry all your burdens by yourself, making it harder to stay motivated and feel like you’re on top of everything.
  • You want to be pursuing goals that light you up, but you feel blocked, unsure, and unmotivated.
  • You know holy helpers have the power to guide you, enrich your life, increase your luck, and help you get what you want. But when it comes to actually cultivating those relationships, you don’t know what to do, you don’t know how to integrate them into your life, and you’re afraid you might mess it up.
  • You feel stuck on repeat and you find yourself wondering, Is this it? Where do things go from here?

I’m here for you. You’re not going to mess it up. We’re going on this adventure together.

TOP TIER$125 per month$375
MIDDLE TIER$75 per month$225
BOTTOM TIER$45 per month$135
PAY-IT-FORWARD$145 per month$435

Three stuffed animals sitting on an oval mirror. From left to right: An orange dinosaur-bird, the Jellycat Riverside Rambler frog wearing an oxblood vest and striped scarf, and a grey wolf resting on her haunches. The mirror is rimmed in gold and has one handle on either side. Each handle is fashioned like a bunch of roses.