Have you had a dream that feels important?


Gave you a funny feeling?

Maybe it’s a dream that we can unravel together!

WHY are dreams important?

I feel an indescribable emotion when I raise this question.

There are things we know, but do not know. Our minds, our selves, are deeper and vaster than our conscious-present-moment selves. We are connected, at profound levels and to varying degrees, to all other beings: humans, animals, plants, the land, the planet, celestial bodies, and the universe itself.

Dreams are one way in which we communicate our knowledge from those deep, profoundly connected levels to our conscious mind.

Dreams, when worked with properly, can yield astonishingly valuable insights: practical, juicy, actionable insights.

These aren’t just farts from the sleeping mind.

A DREAM INTERPRETATION is a half-day session with several parts.

Part One: Dream Capture

To correctly interpret a dream, we must first capture the dream. This will include you and I doing one of two things:

A) We hop on the phone or audio Skype call, depending on your preference. You describe the dream to me and I transcribe it.


B) I email you instructions and you email me back a description of your dream.

Part Two: Translation (Part One)

For this portion, we will get on a Skype audio or video call and begin to parse out each component of the dream and its potentially multi-layered definition. This takes some time. We will work together to unravel the symbolism of each part and parcel in your dream.

Part Three: Intermission

Depending on the length and number of parts to the dream, we may have more than one intermission. This is essential to give the mind a breather, allow things to settle and new insights perhaps to peek through. Also: bathroom breaks, moving the body, and making tea. ;)

Part Four: Translation (Part Two)

We get back at it and refine the definitions we’ve complied so far, ensuring everything that needs to be fleshed out has attention. We’ll finish parsing the dream if we haven’t gotten to the end during the first session.

Part Five: Putting It All Together!

We put our unraveled dream back together and see what we’ve got. The whole deciphered dream, laid out all pretty. What does it say?!

Part Six: Divination on Further Action

Now that we have the dream interpretation all laid out, what’s to be done with the messages it holds? Warnings? Advice? Who are the allies standing with you, the enemies that oppose you? What’s to be released? What’s to be sought? Where do we go from here? We can answer these questions and more.

There might be action for you to take. You may need a talisman to be made.

Whatever the call to action is, we’ll get you sorted!


Send a brief description of your dream to zaferiou@gmail.com with the subject “DREAM QUERY” and I will determine whether or not I’m able to help you interpret it.

The cost is $375 and is payable in full or installments at no extra charge.

carry on, dreamers!