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To book a tarot reading, astrology reading, combo tarot/astrology reading, or shamanic investigation, visit the Readings Page


You may write to me at

I can also be found online in the following places:

@tarotandtea Instagram | Twitter

Paige Z’s Tarot and Tea Facebook page


I would love to hear about your project or idea! I very much enjoy doing podcasts and interviews (as both interviewer and interviewee), enthusiastically review books and tarot/oracle card decks, and make appearances at retreats and events as a speaker, teacher, reader, and/or facilitator. My uniquely enthusiastic energy makes for a good time no matter the medium.

Interested in collaborating? Want to interview or be interviewed by me? Wondering if your project or event would be a good fit? You can drop me a line at Yeah, kitties!

Some of the podcasts and interviews I’ve done recently:


The Modern Mystic Podcast: Living A Magical Life with Amelia Quint and Paige Zaferiou

Theresa Reed’s Tarot Bytes Episode 92: Jumpers with Paige Zaferiou

Sarah Starrs’s Punk Rock Personal Development Podcast #33

Tiny Jaentsch’s Core: The Power of Living Your Truth Podcast


Little Fox Tarot’s “I’m Here To Make Your Fucking Day – Paige Zaferiou” Interview

The Tarot Lady’s Talkin’ Tarot with Paige Zaferiou

Briana Saussy’s Many Branches: Tea-lightful Cards and Magic with Paige Zaferiou


Paige Zaferiou (zah-FAIRY-oo) is a tarot and astrology reader, medium, and folk magic practitioner. She’s on a mission to infuse the world with magic. When she’s not slinging cards or brewing tea, you can usually find her lost in a book or updating her witchy blog at


After spending more than ten years at the bottom of the ocean that is chronic depression, Paige Zaferiou (zah-FAIRY-oo) has risen from the deep sea depths, embraced her spiritual gifts, and devoted herself to employing them in the service of others. Her readings offer guidance and clarity for folks no matter what they’re going through, whether it’s death, divorce, a period of uncertainty, a crisis at work, in love, or in general — or whether they’re simply wondering, What next?

Paige lives for travel, pizza, books, and good cups of tea. When she isn’t slinging cards or reading star charts, you can find her walking in the cemetery or updating her witchy blog at


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