Tarot and Astro Intro Reading

a hand touching a full cup of black tea with the three of wands and the mother of pentacles reversed laid out before the cup

Tarot and Astro Intro


Tarot and Astrology are two of my very favorite technologies for self-reflection, understanding, and divination.

My reading style is accessible, entertaining, and accurate — a perfect fit for someone’s first reading. I specialize in translating the astro-babble and esoteric symbolism into easy-to-understand English, peppered with colorful metaphors and anecdotes.

The Tarot and Astro Intro Reading is for you if you:

  • have never had a tarot or astrology reading before (or maybe you had one a very long time ago),
  • are curious about what tarot and astrology can tell you about yourself, your relationships, and your life,
  • and are looking for a positive, empowering, no-doom-and-gloom experience.

Giving someone their first tarot or astrology reading is something about which I get deeply passionate and extremely excited.


I believe with all of the wiggly atoms of my being in the usefulness of these technologies to:

  • mirror our truths back at ourselves,
  • help to make sense of the muddled world in which we live,
  • offer advice for how best to move forward with clarity and confidence,
  • and entertain the ever-lovin’ heck out of us.

With Tarot and Astrology, we can touch upon your personal relationships, career and work life, transitional life phases, emotional needs, the way others see you, your karmic life purpose, and other such insights into who you are, what challenges you’re facing right now, and how best to navigate those challenges with clarity and success.

This reading will be conducted via Skype video call and will last for 35 minutes.

Here’s how to book your reading:

  • Click the friendly orange BUY NOW button below, which will open a new window for you to check out with PayPal or a credit/debit card.
  • IMPORTANT! If your contact email is different from the one associated with your PayPal account, please include that information in the NOTES TO SELLER section during checkout.
  • After checking out, you’ll be automatically redirected to my appointment calendar.
  • When you schedule your appointment, you’ll be prompted for your Skype username. I will add you as a contact before our scheduled call.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Book your Tarot and Astro Intro Reading here:click here to buy now

Want to give a reading as a gift?

  • During check-out, write in the NOTES TO SELLER section: “GIFT for [name and email address of recipient]”
  • I’ll send you a confirmation email afterwards to verify the information.

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