Let’s have a better new year than Captain Kirk here, yeah?

What itching powder is sprinkled in the drawers of your new year?

Are you squirming to make a career shift, or strike out on an enterprise of your own? Wondering what the best moves to make will be, and when? Are you feeling like a big pile of question marks? Or do you have some idea of where you want to go?

Whatever certainty you may or may not already possess, there’s one thing we both have in common: wanting you to find the best possible route forward.

And personally? My right-now itch is to write up thirteen lovingly drafted reports on the transition from 2022 to 2023.

I’ve been doing these New Year Readings for almost a decade now, and they remain something I look forward to all year. Holding space for you to reflect on the year behind and ahead is an honor, and swimming in the river of time-beyond-time and space-beyond-space on your behalf is a joy.

The tools and techniques I use for these readings are numerology, astrology, and Tarot.

In order to include astrological considerations, I’ll be asking for your birth date info. If you’re a business owner, we can draw up a “birth” chart for your biz, too!

These detailed written reports are only $125 and payment plans are available for no extra fee.

After almost a decade of doing these readings and hearing your feedback, I’m aware that they are really worth upwards of three hundred dollars, but I feel it’s right to keep the cost of this report as affordable as possible.

For those who would experience significant financial hardship even with the payment plan, we can absolutely talk about the year-ahead during the pay-what-you-can half-hour Zoom sessions I offer through the Low-Income Clinic.

For those would like to be one of the magical thirteen, read on!

2023 New Year Reading! Yippee!

What: A Personalized Year Ahead Report

Where: Delivered right to your inbox, in written form for you to easily refer back to throughout the year.

Cost: Single Payment of $125 or Two Payments of $62.50

To Book: Choose a button below to check out via PayPal or with a credit/debit card. Within 48 hours, I will email you to obtain all the information I need to write up your New Year Reading.

*Very Important:* If your best contact email is different from the one you use for PayPal, please message me at to let me know, or write it in the Notes to Seller section during checkout.

Choose Your Way to Pay:

Q: Can you give New Year Readings as gifts?

A: YES! To give a New Year Reading as a gift, check out as above, then email me with the name and email address of the recipient of the reading. I will take care of the rest!

Any other questions? Just drop me a line at!

Happy New Year! I love you!

xo Paige

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